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​Gary Loco

Est. 1995

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Name : Gary "LOCO" van de Wouw.
Occupation : Tattoo artist.
DOB : May 13 , 1970.
Place of birth : Hamilton , ON. Canada.
Raised in : Tilburg , Netherlands. 
Currently : Marysville, WA.

Thank you for checking out my personal website.
​I am Gary and I tattoo, as you probably already figured out.
Back in 1995 in Tilburg, the Netherlands, I got my start tattooing friends in the local HardCore, Punk and Metal scene.
In 1997 I opened up a skateboard and clothing business that got named "Toko Loco" by before mentioned friends.
I also started tattooing out of this business and that's how/when I became Gary Loco.
The name stuck with me and when, in 1999, I ended up moving to Canada to learn about the place I was born, people there figured that was just my name.
After working at a few renowned shops in the Toronto and Niagara Falls area for several years I ended up opening up Loco Tattoos in Hamilton, Ontario in 2007.
​I ran Loco Tattoos successfully for several years until my now EX-wife, whom I had met around the time I opened up the shop, got pregnant.
As she was living in Montana at the time I decided to sell Loco Tattoos in Hamilton and move to Montana in 2011 where I continued a new location of Loco Tattoos for another 4 years.
After we had another beautiful boy we ended up in Washington to be closer to her family as mine is all over seas.
I've now been tattooing in the PNW since 2015
and I am currently working at OLD GLORY TATTOO in Marysville, WA.
When I'm not tattooing I love spending time with my boys whom are the most important people in my life.
I've also been trying to play guitar for the last 30 some years and even though I may not be great at it I massively enjoy it, which is all the reason I need to just keep playing.
My musical preferences are HardCore, Punk, Metal, Oi!, Psychobilly, Reggae, Ska and some other stuff thats usually not very top 40 safe.
Please check out my portfolio and I hope I can be of service getting you that tattoo you've always wanted.